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Make your products & services
available to over 21 million internet
users by creating a website!

Why choose Web Agent to design
your web site? We offer an efficient
face to face service at a competitive
price with great results.

Our web design turn around time is
generally 2 weeks. Register your
domain name with us to get the
ball rolling now!

We'll setup your hosting and emails
for you! Leave it all to the web
professionals to make your life easy.

Once we have discussed the layout and
design of your web site we create a mockup
for sign-off. Your website is then designed in
Melbourne by locals.

All your web pages are submitted
to Google if you choose. Makes it
easier for people to find your web site.

For quick ROI we offer pay per click
advertising. Ask about special offers
with Google and Bing.

Once your website is up and running, knowing
your statistics is handy. We can set up
web analytics, so you can measure your
marketing efforts.

Developing for the web since 1999
has taught us some lessons. To help
others we offer web development

Web Agent offers web design in Southbank. We offer domain names and hosting so we really are your one stop web design shop. Call us to have face to face meetings with your local web developer. So if you are looking for a web designer or a LAMP web developer Southbank call 1800 680 554.

Web design & PHP development Southbank

If you required the expertise of a php developer in Southbank to get more out of your web site we can also help you. Web Agent has a lot of experience in custom web app development. Contact us for a confidential meeting and we can discuss how to turn your idea into a real value adding application for your business.

Want to know how to get to Web Agent's office from Southbank?

Our Website Design Features & Benefits

Web Agent offers a range of features to our customers both standard and add-ons. We build our web sites in Drupal which is the preferred CMS (Content Management System) by government institutions around the world, due to reliability, speed and security. Drupal is also able to for example handle larger traffic without the requirement for bigger more expensive hosting plans, once your business starts to get moderately high traffic. Scalability and SEO is also a major feature that Drupal offers for those who would like to get more out of their online investment. Below are some of the features we offer with our professional web design services.

  • Branded email address (you@your-business.com.au)
  • Add and edit content yourself
  • 1 hour content management tutorial
  • Contact form (people can leave on message from your website)
  • Domain name (your-business.com.au) *
  • Insertions in to Google & Bing*
  • Fast local hosting *
  • Interactive location map *
  • SPAM prevention tool *
  • Web site statistics *
  • Custom Graphic Design For Your Web Site (branding)*
  • Logo design (you tell us what you'd like)
  • Web Optimised Product Photography (images that load faster)*


To compliment our web design and web development services we offer in-house graphic design. Graphic design experience goes hand in hand with web design or web development as every graphic user interface on a website needs to look good and most importantly be easy to navigate. Web Agent keeps all your marketing efforts and branding intact when designing any business web sites. This is because we can work with your (Illustrator) EPS, (Photoshop) PSD and (InDesign) indd files. Since we design your web site locally you can have face to face meetings where your ideas can be brought to life with minimal effort.


Web design tips from Web AgentTrust you are looking for a web designer in Melbourne since you got here? There are a lot of website designers in Melbourne, so you could find one that will be able to do what you need them to do. Maybe getting the site designed at the right price or to specification.

Maybe you are thinking that you can focus on your SEO later and just get the web site out of the way at a cheap price. Or maybe you are just looking to get a cheap and quick website design with your branding, but still somewhat professional as you are still paying for it.

Well if you have read this far you obviously are interested in acquiring some knowledge from someone else on the topic. These tabs containg some tips about web design in Melbourne that I have picked up as a web designer since 1999.

Web Development ScalabilityIf scalability is you main concern, make sure that the framework that the web site designer you are using does take that into account. This is where you may want to consider budget.

If the web designer you choose does everything is pain HTML you may be able to change anything you want but this may be time consuming and you will always need the web designers to make the changes.

If you however have a system that has a CMS (Content Management System) some of the less technical task can be performed by you of your staff. Web Agent does offer some training to help customers learn more about the CMS that they are using.

Web Designer AvailabilityA web designer, Melbourne based, may suggest that it is done locally you may find that it is outsourced to other palces.

If this is the case it may not be bad, but may have a larger hierarchy therefore require more time and effort to accomplish your objectives.

This may mean that for you to get your ideas portrayed correctly may be much more labor and time intensive as it would be with a local that may even be an hour away by car if that website designer can actually do what you want on the spot.

Web Design SEO possibilitiesIf good SEO is your objective for your web site design you should make sure that your web designer is well acquainted the with the practice of SEO.

Going over it later will cost you a lot more and may not even be possible in some cases. It may require a complete rebuild of your web site.

Depending on how cunning your web designer is you may or may not pick this up. It requires a lot of research. In reality SEO is an art rather than a science.

Keep that in mind.

Always make sure that you can see some samples of the work the website designer has created.

This will help you see what you may get. But do keep in mind that complicated websites are not easy to make.

If you are shown web sites that are made by them, have a look at the bottom of the web site as there will most likely be a link to the web designer’s web site.

This will confirm who made the web site.

Web Agent is the right choice for web designers in MelbourneHow does Web Agent fit in this picture? Firstly every web site we make does take SEO into account.

If scalability is of concern and the budget is right we can make a custom site for you. Even the smaller web sites we built have the possibility of growing.

Our business web design comes with a Content Management System. This enables you or your staff to alter the content with some minor tutoring. Alternatively we can handle all the content management for you.

If you are still not sure about using Web Agent please have a look at the web design testimonials page.