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Looking for a PHP Developer Melbourne? Or maybe a PHP programmer, LAMP developer or a Full Stack developer? You have just found one with enough experience to build you a custom LAMP (LINUX, Apache, PHP, MySQL) app that will run your warehouse or scientific research publications. An experienced PHP web developer in Melbourne is not really the easiest thing to find if you have been looking. And yes pricing is another consideration that must be taken into account when searching for a web app developer in Melbourne.

Of course there are many tutorials online that will turn your average coffee sipping student into a database/PHP architect as soon as they figure out why they can't loan a file bigger than 2mb into MySQL. Been there done that. And let’s face it. Most brilliant minds such as the ones reading this text would most likely want to know what time it is not how the clock works if you get my drift!

A legitimate question to ask yourself when searching for an experienced PHP Developer Melbourne is what have they developed "themselves" . We have a couple of examples we can discuss with you that were fully developed by Web Agent. That means that Web Agent:

1. Met with the client
2. Created the project briefs
3. Designed the GUI in photoshop
4. Designed the relational database in MySQL
5. Created the architecture for the application
6. Developed and tested the code
7. Set up the server for development and live application
8. Continued to build on the exsiting structure therefore created a scalable infrastructure.

This would generally fall within the Full Stack Developer definition, but what is wrong with hiring a versatile individual who is efficient. That would save time and money. For a more indepth discussion experience call us.

Depending on your budget you may find a media house that can take on any project for a price. You will have access to a web developer, a database engineer, a graphic designer and a front end developer which each get paid as much per hour as I most likely do. You do the math. I am a marketing graduate who has been developing for the web since 1999, using Adobe Creative Suite before it became a suite. And not to write my code for me or rather code me into a corner. Just because I like it. Experience is the key word. Feel free to call Web Agent for a live PHP Web Developer, Melbourne based.

Web Agent works using LAMP which is short hand for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This is an open source framework that does not have very large monthly overheads but a modest monthly fee which is your hosting (which are relatively low). The only other costs related to it are PHP development. Those costs can easily be managed if you have one person working on the project that can conceptualise, design, present, implement and test your graphical user interface (front end) and backend (database and programming). That is Web Agent. An experienced PHP developer Melbourne who uses reliable open source.

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