eCommerce Web Design Melbourne

Australians have spent
over $16 billion using online shops
within 12 months! Wow!

You can be in the running
for your share! Good online
shore web design
will make
your business stand out more!

We offer online shop design
in Melbourne, domain names,
CMS, SEO, email setup
and more...

Once we have completed developing
your custom made online shop,
you can add products, prices, shipping
costs, photos and descriptions.

Or we can add products to the online
shop for you. We just need, prices,
descriptions photos and shipping costs.

Web Agent can place your new online
store in to search engines like Google
and Bing to make sure that your
products will area SEO ready.

For quick web site traffic we offer SEM
which is pay per click advertising.
These are the ads you see on
Google and Bing above search results.

Once the web site is up and running
analysing your traffic is crucial to improve.
We can help you log your stats and
show you tools to study them.

Web Agent offers after
sale consulting to help your
online shop develop. Call us
on 1800 680 554.

Web Agent can create a professional looking ecommerce website design to present and sell your products to potential customers locally, nationally or internationally. We build ecommerce enabled websites that can accept payments and are Search Engine Friendly (SEO'd).

By creating an ecommerce website or online catalogue you are placing your products within the worlds reach. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will ultimately display your products when people are searching the web.

All the website standard features available

standard features ecommerce web design Melbourne

As with the ready to go website package you get website statistics, Google logging, the facility to edit you own content, branded email address, contact form and a 1 hour content management tutorial. On top of that you get an eCommerce web design Melbourne based with the following features and options. To have a closer look please visit the web design section.

Add and edit your own online product details and prices

webstore design features edit content | WebAgent

Keep the cost of running your online store down by adding and editing products yourself. Add and edit descriptions, prices and product numbers when you want to. All you need is access to the internet and a recent browser. If you however would rather have us handle those tasks for you just let us know and maintain your eCommerce web design in Melbourne.

Add product photos to your web store yourself

webstore design features product photos | WebAgent

Add photos to your online shop yourself. With some knowledge of photo handling using your computer you can add your own product photos to the website. We’ll even give you some pointers in the one hour tutorial if you’re not too sure. If on the other hand you’d like us to take the photos for you just ask us and see the product photos for your web site section. We also offer small business logo and pre-print design.

Facility for multiple product photos

webstore design Melbourne feature multi photo | Web Agent

A photo can tell a thousand words. Our ecommerce web designs let you have multiple photos for each product to help you promote all your products features and benefits. Or maybe the colours and styles they are available in. Web Agent can even take photos of your products for you and manage your products to let you focus on selling. See our website product photos for more information.

Small business e-newsletter

web store design Melbourne features small mailout | WebAgent

To keep customers engaged in the products you offer, an electronic newsletter will help. This will keep them informed and reinforce your brand. Web Agent offers a small business solution for non critical mail outs that can be used as a plain text email to quickly reach your customers whenever you need to.

eCommerce using Pay Pal

online store design online payments feature | Web Agent

The quickest way to start accepting payments online is to use the PayPal interface. Using the online catalogue you will be able to link the shopping cart to your PayPal account so that when a customer will fill in their order and are about to check out they will be directed to pay using PayPal.

eCommerce using on site credit card facility *

online shop design Melbourne features creadit card payments | Web Agent

Some store owners consider on site transactions to be more professional. This is because you keep the customer on your website for the entire transaction and the money is deposited directly in your bank account. For more information about on site payment options see the online shop payment options section.

Blog for your online store *

online shop design melbourne features blog | Web Agent

Social networking is a part of every day for many people. By using a blog on your online shop you can always keep your customers up-to-date about new releases and industry news in a fashion that is not trying to sell them something, but merely informing them about the industry you are in. The eCommerce web design and blog should function as one showing good branding.

Search engine promotion tools for your online store *

online store design melbourne SEO | Web Agent

For those that are interested in working on the competitive edge of web design and fine tuning their websites for search engines we offer back end control over the meta properties. This includes control over the content that is aimed at search engines. For more on SEO please visit our Search Engine Optimisation? page. We provide you eCommerce web design Melbourne based for your convenience and offer you SEO advice.