Web Design Process In 10 Steps

Step 1 . All web sites require a domain name. Check that the domain name you want is available. Register it. A web designer in Melbourne will take it from there.

Step 2 .To make the content in the web site easy to navigate and help viewers find what they are looking for without any difficulty a clear layout is important.

Step 3 .Like all professional businesses you will be provided personalised email addresses to use. So rather than using your gmail account you can have you@yourbusiness.com.au

Step 4 .In order to navigate through the information you provide on your web site we create menu items. These are brief titles that describe the content of the respective page they link to when clicked.

Step 5 .The initial web site comes with 5 pages including the home, contact us page and 3 extra pages. You may add a google maps, forms, spam protection, extra pages, photos and more.

Step 6 .In order to make sure that your web site matches other marketing collateral a logo and colour sample will be required to use in the web site. If none exist we can create something for you.

Step 7 .Some businesses have their own photos to use and others require assistance in this area. We can take photos for you or help locate photos that will look professional. Web copy is also required.

Step 8 .Using the information that has been provided a mock up of the web site is created. Once signed off the actual development will be started by your web designer Melbourne.

Step 9 .Once the web site has been created it will need to be proofread by the client. Any minor alterations will be noted and altered before the project’s completion.

Step 10 .Finally, to enable you to alter content on the web site a 1 hour tutorial is offered by your web designer in Melbourne. Learn to log in and change text.